How much are you spending on the holidays this year? Take a look at what the average is across several Minnesota cities to see how giving, or frugal, you are this year!

Wallethub took a look at the spending average in 570 cities in the United States, along with the predictions of The National Retail Federation, and came up with stunning results that include many cities right here in Minnesota. These results are not similar across Minnesota by the way...they range from $429/person in St. Cloud to a whopping $2,221/person in Maple Grove.

Here's what the Minnesota results were in this study, sorted by ranking in the entire country:

#8 - Maple Grove ($2,221/person)
#43 - Woodbury ($1,369/person)
#49 - Eagan ($1,332/person)
#86 - Rochester ($1,086/person)
#90 - Bloomington ($1,075/person)
#273 - Brooklyn Park ($635/person)
#381 - Minneapolis ($547/person)
#404 - St. Paul ($532/person)
#462 - Duluth ($481/person)
#504 - St. Cloud ($429/person)

As you can see, St. Cloud spends less per person on the holidays than any other Minnesota city in this list. With so many retail stores in St. Cloud, that's hard to believe, but numbers don't lie!

Can we AT LEAST get ourselves out of the bottom of this list? C'Mon, if each of us can just drop another $53, we'll jump ahead of Duluth, who has nowhere near the amount of shopping that we do.

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