Most of us would do just about anything to reverse time and go back to our childhood, even for just a short time to feel that youthful feeling again. What age would you go back to?

If you didn't grow up in Minnesota, or anywhere in the northern half of the U.S. then you never got to experience the excitement of that first snowfall as a kid. On the opposite side of that, it was always exciting when that first warm day started quickly melting the snow and signs of spring and playing outside without a winter jacket finally arrived. Those are memories that every Minnesota kid remembers. did a study to find out what the top 50 things people miss from their childhood, and just reading their list brought back great memories of my childhood. Here's just a few of the memories people miss that are guaranteed to make you reminisce about that childhood time in your life:

  • School vacations - As an adult we dread them because it's a bit of work to make sure the kid(s) have daycare, or you have to take a work day off. As a kid, it was an all-day play-day and so much excitement when those days came.
  • Summers - (cue School's Out by Alice Cooper here) When that bell rang on the last day of school before summer, there was no feeling like it. Everybody was so happy and it was non-stop play time for a couple months. You couldn't help but huddle together with your friends to plan your summer while waiting for the school bus to take you home.
  • Playing outside until dark - This is one thing that I think we all miss, and also feel for our kids who aren't able to safely experience this these days. Back in our day, we woke up and ran outside to play, only coming back home to eat and then head out again. Now days it seems video games and electronics has our kids' attention, and I feel bad that kids these days don't experience more of what we did.
  • Family vacations - Our family didn't take a ton of family vacations, but there's a couple we did take and those are some of the most fun memories I can remember. Each part of it was a unique feeling that is hard to feel as an adult.

The study also found that the age adults would love to go back to -- is 9 years old. That makes total sense too. It seemed to be the "sweet spot" age for having solid friends, having a little bit of freedom as you start to become interested in independence.

My personal favorite childhood memory...

1987 World Series celebration at the State Capital in St. Paul, Minnesota. I was just a kid but vividly remember the snow was coming down so perfectly as the Twins arrived on the team bus, and I was right at the base of the steps along with hundreds of people welcoming our world champions home as they stepped up to the podium to talk about the experience.

Let us know what yours is, make sure and comment below!