If your pet was on the dating scene and had a dating profile picture what would it be? We know our pet's personality and we know the vibe they put out there to the world. That's what I asked our River listeners on Facebook the other day, "If your pet was on a dating site what would their profile pic be? Post picture in the comments."

The pictures captured their pet's personality. There was a lot of photos posted. They made me smile, they made me giggle and just flat out warmed my heart. I went through and picked out the top five in my book and wanted to share the results.

Here are the top five posts from Facebook:

1. Jack Keeping Things Cool

Stephanie Kraus-Kuschel

2.  Bailee The Vikings Fan

Linda Palmer

3. Scouty's Cute Centerfold Pose

Debra Minick- Kelser

4. Vincent The Smiling Horse

Kay Peterson

5. Maxx The Big Twins Fan

Nancy Louise


To check out all the adorable post check out the original post via 96.7 The River's Facebook page.