Medium Michelle Mix joins us every Thursday morning and gives us her insight on what's happening out amongst the stars. Here's what Michelle had to say this week:

November is Going to be a Big Month

We went direct in Libra and this is really good for loving relationships. But the key here is going to be balance.  November 12th is going to be a big one. There’s going to be this conjunction with Jupiter and Pluto and Saturn. This is the third time it’s happened this year. The first one was April 5th, the second one was June 30th, and this is kind of the big final culmination of a lot of that. Mars is finally going to go 'direct' after six weeks of being in retrograde. That’s finally going to move forward on November 13th.

Then on November 15th, there will be a new moon in Scorpio. That is a really powerful time for manifesting. This new moon is going to bring a lot of change around the 15th and we can really start to go forward. There will be some good opportunities to embrace abundance and if there’s something you’re ready to move forward into, that will be a good time for that. At the end of the month, we have a full moon in Gemini. A full moon eclipse on November 30th.

What all of this is leading up to is, we’re preparing for December 21st and moving forward into the Age of Aquarius. December 21st is going to be a great day for us to really kind of catapult forward into the new energy.

In numerology, 2020 was a FOUR year (2+0+2+0 = 4), which was breaking down the foundation and rebuilding. The FIVE year, 2021 (the 'universal five' year), is all about freedom, change, adventure, new experiences and it’s going to be a lot about learning from past mistakes and moving forward as a collective.

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