With Super Bowl LII coming to Minnesota this year, there's a lot of people not from here visiting. It's our job to show them how to be 'Minnesotan', which isn't for everybody! There's a lot to know, and most of it has to do with being nice.

For the record, us Minnesotans all know that a very small percentage of us eat lutefisk. It's gross, slimy and stinky and we don't care for it, no matter how bad of a taste palate our great great grandparents had.

There is a lot of truth in this video, especially the hockey part. Some other things to keep in mind is we talk with a drawn-out "A" and "O" sometimes, but nothing like they do in the Fargo movie. Speaking of that, Fargo is NOT in Minnesota, so it's time for North Dakota to get the credit for that terrible accent. Just ask any Minnesotan -- we don't talk like that.

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