This has become the new thing around offices.  We used to just do this as a family-  it's fun, inexpensive and you can laugh a lot.  So, it's now kind of replaced a lot of the secret Santa stuff that used to happen in the office place.

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But there is a trick to it... like no spending too much.  But don't set the limit too low.  Apparently the perfect price is $25.  The perfect amount of people participating in any one group is 11.  And you should only be able to steal any one gift 3 times.  Then whoever has it at that time, gets to keep it.  Also, the rule that pretty much everyone wanted to do away with was that "extra" steal at the end.  Like where you open all the gifts, then do another round of steals.  No one wanted that one.  (I actually kind of like that one- but I guess I'm in the minority).

Oh, and the peak White Elephant season is...

he week of the holiday season when the most Americans (36%) think people are likeliest to play White Elephant is the 3rd week of December (12/15-12/21)

And by the way, why is it called a White Elephant??

Well, I just learned something new!