We put this out there yesterday, and I'm kind of surprised at what the results were.  I kind of thought that when our listeners commented that it would mostly be musicians, or actors, you know, people that you usually go to for entertainment.

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Baxter and I put out who we would want at our table at a pub... like to have a beer with and find entertaining.  These were ours:


- Dave Chapelle, David Letterman, Sarah Silverman or Kristin Bell, and Bill Murray


-Pink, Sarah Silverman(I told Baxter he couldn't have her, she's at my table), Betty White and George W Bush.  How funny would that table be?  I have an honorary mention of Dolly Parton too.  I mean seriously, can you imagine Betty White and Dolly Parton together?  That would be a hoot!

We asked our listeners who they would want at their table.  Mostly it was political.  NOT at all what I expected.

One person said they wanted to hang out and have a beer with people like Clay Matthews, Aaron Rodgers (obviously a Packer fan), along with former President Donald Trump, another said they wanted to hang out with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, I totally understand that one. And another said President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama and Ellen DeGeneres. I thought there was a theme there, but then there was a wrench in that theory.

If you would like to add to your list, and talk about who you would like to be at a table with at a bar, go ahead.  I just think it's fun to think about that, with no pandemic, no restrictions, just a "normal" free for all situation.  Wouldn't that be awesome?  Who's at your table?

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