My wife and I just celebrated another "first" together -- we completed our first "married" puzzle!

I'm not so much being sappy as I am genuinely celebrating. This was a bigger achievement than just finishing any old puzzle together, see -- this was PuzzleTwist where the puzzle "you see is not what you get."

Over the three months it took us to complete, we discovered that details in our puzzle -- titled "Moon over Minneapolis" -- were not as shown on the box; buildings were different colors or moved to a new location, the moon and stars were not where they appeared on the box cover, additional features like figures or lights were added. By the time we'd finished, there were 25 differences between the final puzzle and the puzzle we'd thought we'd purchased!

Needless to say, it was actually a lot of fun and very rewarding. I'd definitely suggest one of these for a family get-together, holiday or weekend away with friends.

Adam Rozanas

One of the neat things about this particular puzzle is that the artwork was designed by a local Minnesota artist -- Adam Turman. Adam's work can be seen all over the Twin Cities; in fact, he just completed a mural titled "Bat and Barrel" at Target Field.

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When we're not working on puzzles, here's what else my wife and I are getting up to: