St. CLOUD -- A new “Why We Play” video has sparked criticism from the District 742 School Board.

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At Wednesday’s meeting, the board discussed the new video from the Minnesota State High School League.

Vice Chair Al Dahlgren warned the new video doesn’t reflect the issues facing school activities right now.

It's like their entire focus in that video is don't get too excited about your kids, they're not going to go pro. So don't be yelling at the refs and don't go crazy. There are other issues going on out there, that the high school league needs to get involved in and step up to the plate and do something about.

A resolution criticizing the video was removed at last night’s meeting. The resolution criticized the video’s focus on a few sports offered, and lack of students of color represented.

Dahlgren explains the video doesn’t reflect the range of activities offered.

The other thing that really missed in the video, and I said it earlier saying it was sports, sports, sports, but I didn't see anything in there about speech, band, orchestra, or robotics. The State High School League, they punted when it came to those.

The video will be played at every member school in the state. To view the video, click here.


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