It might be a little early to decide whether or not we will have trick or treating this year, but people in Los Angeles California have already received the news that they will not be allowed to have trick or treating door to door, nor will they be allowed to have trunk or treat events this year.

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There are also restrictions on allowing gatherings or parties outside of family members for the holiday. The reason? It's too difficult to manage social distancing.

So what will Minnesota decide? Right now, Minnesota officials are saying it's too soon to make those decisions, and we will know closer to the holiday.

The good news this year, is that Halloween falls on a Saturday, which makes it alot easier for parents and children to have a day of recovery, before heading back to work Monday morning.


Even though we won't be making any decisions on trick or treating right now, we should still be thinking about what we want to do for our kids. Here are some ideas to make Halloween fun, whether or not we CAN go trick or treating. You may not yet feel comfortable doing it.

  • Family Night: Dress up, play Halloween music and make Halloween crafts or cookies
  • Family Movie Night: Find a great Halloween movie and enjoy some popcorn.
  • Zoom Parade:  Get your kids dressed up and have a Zoom parade with your neighbors and friends.

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