Reddit users are urging a woman to confront her husband after he had a rather strange reaction to her sister's pregnancy announcement.

The woman shared that when her sister announced her pregnancy during a family dinner, her husband had a bizarrely visceral reaction to the news.

"My husband and I were at my parents house for dinner. All was going well. We were talking, laughing and eating. But as soon as my sister got [up] from her seat and announced her pregnancy, I noticed at first that my husband got quiet, didn't get up to congratulate her since the rest of us did, and just kept staring at or towards her. I'm not entirely sure," the woman wrote via Reddit.

When she asked her husband if he was OK, he told her he was "feeling a bit sick."

"Literally, moments later he started throwing up. Like I had no idea what was happening with him. He sat on the bathroom floor near the toilet just looking down and refusing to let me help him up to wash his face," she continued.

The woman eventually took her husband home and checked his temperature and blood pressure. Everything appeared fine.

"He went to sleep shortly after and in the early morning at 5:30 I woke up to the sound of him crying in the shower. I rushed in asking if he was okay but still no response other than to tell me he needed a minute with himself," she added.

The woman demanded he tell her what was wrong, but he said he was just "feeling overwhelmed" and couldn't explain why.

"He's not the type who gets stressed out from work or anything of the sort. What makes me feel so horrible is the fact that my sister once implied that my husband was her type and hoped to get someone like him," the woman continued.

Even though her sister has a boyfriend, the woman now can't shake the "weird feeling" she had about her husband's reaction.

In the comments section, users were also baffled by the husband's reaction, with many suggesting he might be in love with her sister — or worse: unfaithful.

"I'm afraid your next update will be that your husband and sister are having an affair. It was only meant to be a fling for him, but now your sis is pregnant and he's the father. He can't hide the affair anymore," one person wrote.

"My gut says he may have cheated with your sister or has hidden feelings for her. Either way I wish you well," another commented.

"Oh dear. It doesn't sound good to be fair. If anything has happened and your sister could just sit and announce her pregnancy normally when there’s a chance it could be your husband's means she’s a complete b---h and has zero guilt. Hopefully it’s just a misunderstanding," another person wrote.

"Does he feel strongly about having kids with you, or not having kids with you? I agree with the others who suggested he might be the father, but I’m trying to think of other reasons for his reaction," someone else weighed in.

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