Add this to your list of must-see roadside attractions -- the world's largest crow statue can be found in Minnesota!

Belgrade, Minnesota is the type of place you'd drive through without blinking. Technically a village (population 773 in 2018) in Stearns County, the little community has just enough to get by -- a public school, a nursing home, couple gas stations, a drive-in diner, a Dollar General and a church or two. You'd really have little reason to visit the place...unless you loving finding bizarre or unique roadside attractions!

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Just south of Belgrade on your way out of town on Highway 71 you'll find something that may seem entirely out of place -- a giant statue of a crow! Standing 18 feet tall atop a 31 foot long branch -- and that on a 25-foot high cement pedestal for a total of 43 feet -- this giant statue of a crow is actually the world's largest statue of a crow!

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"The crow and broad surrounding pavilion were erected in the wake of the 1988 state centennial," reads "The encircling wall is made of 6,000 individually purchased bricks. Flags of the 50 states and many European nations flutter over the park." While no particular reason for a giant statue of a crow is given, it is possible that it shares a connection with and stands as an ode to the Crow River Township the city falls within.

A tiny self-guided museum can be found in the crow's base, featuring trinkets left-over from Minnesota's centennial celebration -- Belgrade t-shirts, commemorative frisbees and beverage insulators. A button with a pre-recorded voice tells you more about the crow and the county.

Belgrade itself shares its name with the capital of Serbia, states the city's website, as well as cities in Maine, Missouri, Nebraska and Montana. It became incorporated in 1888 and was a stop for the railroad on the way to and from the Twin Cities.

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