We have officially reached December and most of central Minnesota is completely devoid of snow. It got me to wondering whether I'd be upset at all if the snow just completely missed us all winter.

I like to snowboard and take my kid sledding as much as the next guy, but I can't say I'd be mad at all if it just never snowed for whatever reason.

First of all, the driving would be a dream. There are only two types of drivers during a snow event in Minnesota. The first type are the people who seem to be driving in snow for the first time in their lives, nose pinned against the windshield and every movement begun blocks in advance.

The second, and more dangerous, type of Minnesota drivers in snow are the 'woo-hoo I am invincible because I have four wheel drive' folks. It's okay if they follow you two inches from your bumper, they have four wheel drive!

So the driving part would be nice for sure. Also, no more wet socks. It seems like five times a week I am stepping in some puddle in the entryway because someone thought they could Matrix-walk their way into the kitchen without taking their shoes off.

Oh, and the shoveling. Goodbye to shoveling that flaky nuisance for hours in the cold and wind, goodbye to loud, unreliable snowblowers. Goodbye to the plow guy dumping four feet of snow at the end of my driveway RIGHT when I get done!

I think I could get by for a year, but I wouldn't want snow to disappear completely. Maybe we could reconnect farther down the line after we grow a better appreciation for each other.

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