For a child of the 1980s, there is no cooler TV car than KITT — short for Knight Industries Two Thousand — from Knight RiderThe show ran for four action-packed seasons on NBC in the early ’80s, and starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, KITT’s driver and an agent of the secret group FLAG. Hasselhoff might have gotten top billing, but everyone watched Knight Rider for KITT. (I certainly did.) He had a massive assortment of gadgets (including a flame thrower, telephone comlink, and even an olfactory sensor) plus a chatty artificial intelligence, voiced by William Daniels.

As it turns out, Hasselhoff himself owns a “fully functional” KITT car — which he is now auctioning off. You can read the listing at which claims that the vehicle is “located in U.K.” and that the “lot winner responsible for delivery expense” — meaning if you’re looking to buy this thing in the United States it’s going to cost you a ton on top of whatever the final auction price might be.

As of this writing, that price is awfully steep. Although the car was initially expected to fetch somewhere between $175,000 and $300,000, the bidding is already up to a whopping $475,000. The good news is if the price gets high enough (25 percent above reserve to be exact) Hasselhoff himself will “personally deliver the car to the new owner” (and no doubt thank them profusely for spending half a million bucks on his car.)

I doubt this KITT is really “fully” functional — Do we think it really has two-wheel ski drive enabled? What about the interior oxygenator? I doubt it! — but based on the photos on the auction website, it does look like about as good a KITT replica as you’re ever going to see.

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If you want to bid on David Hasselhoff’s personal KITT (and you are willing to fork over $500,000 or more to do it) you have until Saturday January 23 to submit one. Good luck.

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