It's up there, somewhere in the back of your kitchen cupboard. Yes, it might be a little dusty and hasn't been used for, well, quite some time. Maybe it's time to throw that old Tupperware out, it's just taking up space.

No, wait! You just might have some hidden gold up there in that cupboard. Seriously.

We're all familiar with Tupperware. Heck, since it was invented back in 1942 (by Earl Tupper, in case you're wondering) our Grandparents, parents, us...and our kids...have all used it. I wonder how much of the stuff has been sold? Well, initially it was a colossal flop! What turned it around was something folks back years ago looked forward to...a Tupperware party.

Anyway, I was checking out a website called DustyOldThing (Maybe because I'm a Dusty Old Thing) and found out that throwing away that old Tupperware would be like throwing out cash. No, I'm not talking hitting the lottery kind of cash, but consider this:

Old Tupperware Wonderlier bowls can go for about $45 - $60 these days. Yes, those bowls you kept the leftover's in. Tupperware salt and pepper shakers? They're worth up to $45. A carousel caddy with tumblers brings $50 or so. And Tupperware Astro bowels from the 1960s and '70s fetch $15 to $20.

Check out all the other Tupperware value's here and whatever you do...burp those bowls and keep' em in the cupboard!

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