There are some pretty weird fears out there with even weirder names. Like, for instance, the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. That's called "Arachibutyrophobia." Or the fear of the color yellow -- that's called "Xanthophobia." Anyone with the fear of balloons (Globophobia) probably has a bad time at birthday parties, and Nomophobia -- or the fear of being without your mobile phone -- is a very real thing in 2021.

I myself am afraid of heights (Acrophobia), snakes (Ophidiophobia) and confined spaces (Claustrophobia). Naturally, of course, I try to avoid situations where those fears may be triggered or amplified. Following are 10 real phobias you may have to learn to deal with if you're going to live in Minnesota.

10 Phobias That Make Living in Minnesota Challenging

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