Did you know one of the worst tornadoes in Minnesota history was here in Sauk Rapids? It leveled the entire booming city, leaving death and destruction in it's path.

It was on April 14, 1886 at approximately 4pm, that a couple tornadoes hit St. Cloud, merged and headed to Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.

According to Wikipedia, it's known as the deadliest tornado on record in Minnesota, killing 72 people and leveling the city of Sauk Rapids as it finally ended in the city of Rice.

Sauk Rapids was once considered one of the most important towns in the state. It was the main hub for business in central Minnesota, with 109 commercial and public buildings that stood in the late 1800's. After the destruction of the tornado, St. Cloud became the center for business in central Minnesota, something Sauk Rapids was never able to get back.

It was even reported that the tornado was so strong that it pulled all the water from the Mississippi river, leaving it completely dry in the city. This fueled the power of the twister, increasing it's strength and speed, making it nearly impossible to see it coming.

38 people died in Sauk Rapids, 20 in St. Cloud, and 14 more in it's path up to Rice. Over 200 people were injured as well.

The video is a great tale about the tornado, and also shows the destruction caused in Sauk Rapids. Who would have know the town was once on tap to be much bigger than St. Cloud?!?!


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