Last month we reported that St. Cloud's Pantown Brewing Co. was one of at least nine breweries around Minnesota joining a global initiative to bring awareness to mental health with a collaborative new beer.

Since then, at least 17 breweries around Minnesota -- including Bad Habit Brewing Co. in St. Joe and The Nordic Brewing Co. in Monticello -- have announced that they would be joining the effort. With May -- which happens to be Mental Health Awareness month -- now here, participating breweries have all announced that their iterations of the Things We Don't Say IPA is not on tap and available to try.

"May is Mental Health Awareness month," Pantown Brewing posted on Facebook. "Partnering with The Beautiful Mind Project, and Hope For The Day we look to break the stigma surrounding Mental Health."

While a base recipe for the "Things We Don't Say" IPA was provided, breweries were encouraged to experiment with the ingredients and come up with their own unique version. Pantown Brewing, while keeping close to the original recipe, notes that theirs was modified slightly with different hops.

The Nordic Brewing Co. also kept their beer close to the original recipe, though they opted to use malts from a local grain provider instead.

Pantown Brewing Co., Bad Habit Brewing Co. and The Nordic Brewing Company have all announced that they will be donating a portion of proceeds to The Beautiful Mind Project, a local organization that supports awareness of mental health.

You can find "Things We Don't Say" IPA on tap now at Pantown Brewing, Bad Habit and The Nordic Brewing. For more information, read our previous article here.

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