We're only a little over a month into 2019, and that means many of us have probably already failed to stick to our New Years resolutions. It's pretty natural. Probably the most popular New Years resolution of all time is the resolution to take better care of yourself, whether that means exercising more frequently or simply changing your diet to support a more healthy lifestyle.



If taking better care of yourself is something you're still striving for this year, then you should definitely check out "30 Days Of Biking." It's a group of Minnesotans who make the pledge to bike in some measure every day in April. It's a good way to keep yourself accountable for your health.

For those who may need a little more incentive to make the pledge, the 30 Days Of Biking Kickoff Party sounds like enough to persuade anyone to commit. It will take place in the club room of Red Stag Supperclub and there will be live music, a raffle, and other fun events. It's completely open to anyone interested and will take place on March 31st from noon to 4 pm.

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