Time for a career change? Not sure it's the right time? According to business journalist, Suzy Welch, there are four signs to help you know when it's time.

1. You're blocked. If you don't see any opportunity for growth within your company, it might be time to look elsewhere.

2. You can't outgrow your reputation. That means that if your boss sees you as someone who will never be able to move up into another position, you probably won't. Someone else might see the value in your experience though. Find them.

3. You're not excited anymore. Ho-hum. Same old thing day after day? Nothing challenging you anymore? Life is too short for that, sister! Go find your passion!

4. And that brings up this one. If something else is calling to you, listen to it.

And finally, remember that leaving doesn't always fix the above. You might try finding a way to make your current job more exciting. It's worth a shot.

Suzy goes into more detail here. Whatever you decide, good luck. Be happy.

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