As if you needed another reason to drink this Saturday, April 7, 2018 is National Beer Day!

Now, walking into the beer section of any Minnesota liquor store can be overwhelming; with over 150 breweries/microbreweries in the state, there's no shortage of good suds to choose from.

So I thought I'd help you out by offering some personal recommendations of fantastic beers you should be able to find in most Central Minnesota liquor stores:

1. Beaver Island Brewing -- Sweet Mississippi

Beaver Island's Sweet Miss is one of my favorite stouts. Dark and rich with notes of chocolate, it's like chocolate milk...if chocolate milk were a beer.


2. Copper Trail -- Blueberry Indigo Wheat

I don't generally love fruity beers, but I'll make a happy exception for Copper Trail's blueberry Indigo Wheat. A perfect balance of noticeable blueberry and honey-wheat, this one is deliciously refreshing.


3. Third Street -- Lost Trout American Brown Ale

I'm proud to say I got my dad hooked on this one. After gifting him a variety pack of Third Street beers for Christmas, he texted to say he really enjoyed the Brown Ale. With a very low bitterness (IBU 20), this one also carries subtle notes of chocolate and has a smooth, malty finish.


4. Bent Paddle -- Extra Special Amber Ale

Bent Paddle in Duluth is doing beer right. Their new taproom -- over twice the size of their previous one -- opens April 12 and is going to be a hot spot in Duluth as the weather gets warmer. One of my personal favorite Bent Paddle beers is their three-time award-winning Amber Ale. Their approach to the classic British Ale, this one's more malty than hoppy while still carrying hints of pine and citrus.


5. Castle Danger -- Castle Cream Ale

Hot off a first-place win and massive beer bracket upset over Surly Brewing, Castle Danger Brewing in Two Harbors is the king of Minnesota beer...until next March, anyways. In a landslide win by 73% of votes, Minnesotans voted Castle Danger as the best beer in the Bold North. And no wonder -- while I can't speak towards all of their beers, their Cream Ale is fantastic, described as "soft malty aroma, slightly sweet creamy texture with a balanced bitterness, while finishing smooth and clean." An easy, delicious beer any time of the year.

That's my list of suggested suds for National Beer Day. See what else I've been drinking at my personal beer blog Ale Adventures or the video below!

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