My wife and I just returned from a whirlwind vacation/one-year anniversary celebration to Europe, and boy was it a trip!

Over the course of 11 days we visited 4 countries -- Iceland, Ireland, London (England) and Paris (France). Each location was so unique and incredible, and we took plenty of photos to remember our trip by.

Here's part two of a four-part series highlighting five photos from our time in each stop.

As I previously shared, Iceland was the real bucket-list destination of our trip. But as we were planning we figured -- why stop there? If we're heading to Europe already why not fit in a couple more countries?

So, our next stop was Ireland.

We stayed in Dublin, an easy 15 minute walk from downtown and the River Liffey.

Adam Rozanas

We chose not to rent a vehicle or use much public transportation, opting instead to walk our way around the city and really take in the sights, smells and sounds. We found, for instance, that Dublin is actually very dirty -- trash and garbage littered the streets everywhere. I actually watched a man walk into the street and throw a bag of trash over a fence into an overgrown garden. It made me sad that a city so full of life and history was allowed to fall so derelict. Still, Ireland at large is very beautiful and culturally rich. Old buildings -- the kinds we usually only see in American movies or history books -- are everywhere, quietly telling centuries' worth of stories.

Adam Rozanas

Guinness -- one of the oldest and most famous beer brands -- is based in Dublin, and being the beer enthusiasts that we are, we definitely made sure to visit the storehouse for a tour. While impressive, I will say that we far more enjoyed the Jameson Whisky tour the day before; Jameson's tour was less crowded, more personal, more interactive, more fun and more worth our time and ticket price, we thought. Still, visiting Guiness' Storehouse is sort of a must when in Ireland, and we can check it off our bucket list.

Adam Rozanas

One of the highlights of our time in Ireland was a day-trip to Galway and the Cliffs of Moher. Galway is a super quaint coastal town; charming shops and restaurants line the streets, performers entertain crowds, and skiffs and boats are docked in the bay. Ed Sheeran recently nodded to Galway in his song "Galway Girl," and this scene of colorful building fronts across the bay is a popular often captured in photos.

Adam Rozanas

From Galway, our bus took us to the Cliffs of Moher, which were more breathtaking in person than any photo we'd ever seen. The second most-popular tourist attraction in Ireland (Guinness is the first), thousands of people lined the cliffs, and yet we all seemed lost in the grandness of it all.

When the time finally came to, Katie and I were sorry to leave Ireland. A beautiful, lively and historically rich country, we could easily have spent more time there.

If you're looking for a worthwhile overseas trip, I would highly recommend Ireland.