If you've never been to the St. Cloud area, I'll tell you there's the good that comes with the bad. Every city has those things, but these are why you may not want to move here.


  • Summertime by George
    Summertime by George

    Too much music in the summer

    Between an entire free night of music every Wednesday night in the summer at Summertime by George, and all the music at Paramount and Pioneer Place. Live bands on the weekends at many bars, there's just too much to do.

  • Original Italian seafood pizza/ Thinkstock
    Original Italian seafood pizza/ Thinkstock

    Way too many restaurants

    There's nothing worse than having so many eating options to choose from. There's about every chain restaurant here, and a handful of locally owned restaurants, giving you every possible type of food you could desire. I mean, geesh, I lost count at 50 when it comes to pizza choices.

  • Target Center
    Target Center

    Twin Cities are just too close

    There's tons of of major sports and concerts in the Twin Cities that we can go to year-round, but it's only an hour and 20 minutes from St. Cloud to get there. That's not even close to enough time to talk all about your plans for the day when traveling to them. I won't even get into how close that makes us to all the Twin Cities riff-raff!

  • Thinkstock

    The clear stars are very bright

    In the St. Cloud area, there's not smog and city lights from large towers that cover the sky and making it difficult to see a starry clear night sky. It may be too much for you if you're looking for a very dark evening to sleep to. If you need that then the St. Cloud area is surely not a place to move.

  • Thinkstock

    There's so much beer!

    We have breweries all over the place, and tons of bars that serve their beer. There's Cold Spring Brewery, Beaver Island Brewery, Urban Lodge Brewery, Bad Habit Brewing Company just to name a few. A bunch of our area bars serve over 25 different beers and microbrews on tap. Liquor stores around here stock many local brews as well.

    If you aren't a fan of beer than St. Cloud might not be the best location for you to move to.

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