Losing a long-time loved one is hard on anybody. For this 94-year old from Morris, Minnesota, his therapy was to build a massive pool in his backyard for the kids.

Keith Davidson, a retired judge from Morris, lost his wife of 66 years to cancer last year. He said he's cried a lot and needed to deal with the loss somehow, so he decided to build a large pool in his backyard for all the neighborhood kids to play in.

The town doesn't have a pool, so Davidson decided he'll provide a pool at his home that all the kids can enjoy at anytime in the summer, even if he's not home. He started the construction this past spring and finally had it ready to go a few weeks ago.

He has 3 children, but no grand kids, so he's calling all the children his "honorary grand kids" who are encouraged to spend their summer days there and keep him company. He does have 1 rule though, they have to come with a parent or grand parent.

It's unknown what will happen after Keith passes in the future, I'm sure he's working that out, but it's likely that many residents will hope that the town would keep the pool going for the kids. For now though, they can enjoy it while he's alive and keep him company.