More and more employers in the medical field have been requiring their staff to get the COVID-19 vaccine. That's what happened to Sarah Blom, a registered nurse from Atwater who studied nursing at Southwest State University in Marshall, MN, according to her Facebook profile . When Blom received an email from her employer about the vaccine mandate this August, she decided to draw a line in the sand.

On Blom's personal Facebook account, she wrote, "today I resigned. The first main principle in the Nursing Code of Ethics is autonomy -  respecting a person's freedom to choose what is right for them. If we are not given this respect then how can we be expected to advocate the same for those we care for?"

She continued, "I've worked holidays, missed important family events, worked twenty hour shifts, been there for patients at their most vulnerable and I wouldn't change any of that, but what I will not do is compromise why I chose to go into the nursing profession in the first place."

She concluded her post with, "I cannot and will not work for a healthcare organization that does not believe in the same for their employees. Thoughts, feelings and views on the vaccine aside, this is wrong and I will not stand for it. My heart breaks that so many have even been put in this situation."

Since being published online, Blom's message has gained thousands of likes, comments and shares in support from people on social media. It's been shared with the 'Rally For V Choice MN' Facebook group that was created on August 7, 2021 and is nearly 44,000 members strong.

Tyler Jenson wrote, "thank(s) for standing up for what YOU believe in."

John Weiss wrote, "I agree with her 100% And we need more people in this country to stand up against these people. Wake up America your constitutional rights are being walked all over."

Jill Davidson commented, "Yup, I resigned on Friday as well, though I will continue working until September 10 to try to finish paying off some bills before I lose my good paying job. I have wanted to be a nurse since 3 years old and have been since 2004."

Leagh Huhta advised, "Please stop resigning. Make them fire you. Then you can sue."

Blom posted a photo of her nursing I.D. badge along with her statement. She did not specify which healthcare facility she worked for and also edited out anything that would have identified her employer from the photo. You can read Blom's full statement regarding her resignation below.

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