First of all, let's get this straight: I love Sartell. I have lived here for almost seven years and I love the parks, the people, the schools, the businesses.. all of it. It's an awesome place to live.

With that being said, why am I always getting tailgated around here? I can't be the only one, either!

I usually drive the speed limit to slightly over the speed limit (If Sartell Police are reading this I am only saying that to sound cool... I actually always drive the speed limit). If I am in a line of traffic I will keep up with the cars in front of me. Basically, I do try to keep it moving and I do not drive under the speed limit in most cases.

But in Sartell, the speed limit never seems to be even a reasonable guess as to how fast people would like to travel from point A to point B.

So... you tell me: What are the correct speeds on roads like 2nd Street (says 40 but you will be upsetting a lot of people if you stay at 40), Pine Cone Road (two lanes but everyone seems to want yours no matter which you are in) and 19th Avenue (says 50 but I'm pretty sure you would jump your car on that hill if you went that fast)?

Part of the problem is that I drive a car so small it looks like you would wind it up on the back to make it travel for a while. Pretty much every car towers over me out there. I get it, it's like picking on the little guy. Doesn't make it right, but I get it.

I will never do the brake tap thing (too dangerous and violent) and I am not going to slow waaaay down to prove a point (in addition to having a small car I'm guessing most people could probably beat me up so I am not looking to fight), but I am not going to risk a speeding ticket because you budgeted your time poorly!

You can't win with tailgaters, either. Once they are on your bumper they usually stay there no matter how fast you speed up to. They are like a remora, stuck to you until one of you turns or whatever.

The biggest problem I have is that my RC car-sized vehicle is usually occupied by my toddler. I might sound dramatic but I get pretty nervous when someone is so close to my bumper that I can't even see their license plate. My kid is like 6 feet away from my bumper, with only the comically small trunk between him and yourself.

Let's all take a breath and back off of each other's butts in Sartell.

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