Anyone else remember the game The Oregon Trail? Probably a silly questions, as I feel in the last couple of years its made a bit of a return and the nostalgia of it, brings back happy memories of playing it in elementary and junior high.

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Sometimes you won the game, other times you lost because you had died of dysentery or some disease you had not heard of other than in the game and maybe history books. Here's a brief little history of it, in case you are just learning about it.

It's a fun and memorable game and it shouldn't surprise me that someone on reddit decided they should give it the old Minnesota take and make it fit for spring. In one a meme that may have made me laugh harder than I should, Hup110516 shared this:

Ah, spring.
by u/Hup110516 in minnesota

"You have died of potholes"

Is about as appropriate as one can get right now in Minnesota. Here in St. Cloud, I feel at times I'll get pulled over and asked if I've been drinking in the middle of the day because I was swerving quite a bit. But the truth is I'm just trying to avoid big potholes and not completely ruin my car and I think there are plenty of others trying to do the same. This year seems to be particularly bad because of the unusual warm ups we've had here and there followed by more snow and freezing.

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Unfortunately, there's nothing they can do to repair the roads completely until it warms up for good, so workers have been tirelessly putting band-aids over the potholes until they can really fix them. Here's to hoping it happens soon, but in the mean time if you can't beat 'em, might as well as join in the Minnesota Trail conversation as I've learned so much:

Such as did you know:


Comment by u/puzzledplatypus from discussion Ah, spring. in minnesota

or have a good laugh with comments like:

by u/Central_Incisor from discussion Ah, spring.
in minnesota


Comment by u/titz4tatz from discussion Ah, spring. in minnesota

by u/titz4tatz from discussion Ah, spring.
in minnesota

So drive careful Minnesota and here's to hoping a more permanent fix gets in place before the car is ruined!

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