Have you noticed everywhere you look, people around you are focused on their cell phones? We are so removed from being social and it's starting to show.

The saddest example of how bad device addiction is - Ali and I were out enjoying a meal at a very nice place in the St. Cloud area and at least 3 tables in the restaurant had cell phones in hand, focused on what was on the screen rather than the person across from them. One of the tables had a family of 4, a mom and dad and their 2 kids. After they ordered their meals the parents stared at their phones for 10 straight minutes, while the kids did nothing but try to figure out how to have their own fun. It boiled my blood to see them scold their children when they started acting out for some attention, then resume staring at their phones again. It's only going to get worse...

Shame on us parents, honestly! We know better as we grew up without all the electronics that made us have to find our own fun and interact with actual people. Stop babysitting with an iPad or smartphone. Kids don't need a distraction, they need interaction with others. They have no chance otherwise, and will *be* what our society is.

Click the link below to see a great example from a photographic standpoint, how bad the addiction is. Each photo will make you think, and see, how idiotic we look these days.

Try this next time you're out with friends or family. Put your cell phone away, where it's only accessible for an emergency (which is what it's there for), and concentrate on learning social skills again...with another human and not a piece of hardware.

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