I was just driving home the other day, minding my own business, when I was passed by a car that had a thermometer attached to the bumper. This fella was obviously no bumper sticker activist, but I wondered what the thermometer was all about.

Then I pulled up next to him and saw the hood ornament.

Image by Choad
...what... (Image by Choad)

Wait...is that...

Image by Choad
...WHAT?! (Image by Choad)

WHAT?! A faucet?? Is this what Pimp My Ride: Minnesota Edition would be like?

I have questions...

...is it functional?

...if so, what is its function? That's a bad spot for a beer keg with the heat and vibration. Plus, if you get into a head-on collision, you've got a beer bomb where your radiator should be.

...speaking of the radiator, is the faucet being used to relieve excess heat? Isn't there more effective ways to do this?

...is there a jug of water under the hood? Is it connected to the faucet in case the driver feels the need to pull over and wash his hands?

...does he keep the soap in the glove box?

...is this some kind of protest against the monopolization of the kitchen faucet industry?

...is the kitchen sink in the trunk?


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I'm probably overthinking this. The dude is probably just having a little fun in an increasingly offended-by-fun world. I swear to Lemmy that if I had the cojones to do something like this, I would.

Maybe I'll superglue a litter box on top of McMurray. It'd be fitting.

Today's edition of Choad Rage is more like Choad Perplexion.

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