When I was kid, I really loved to read and I always found myself craving knowledge. To me, the ultimate gift I could have been given would have been an Encyclopedia set! So. Much. Knowledge.

Kids today have no idea how easy they have it, what with all of the world's collective knowledge right there in their hands just a click away. However, most of the world finds out about incredible things and ways to make their lives easier through social media... namely, TikTok.

A TikToker and Costco customer named Ryan Quinlan (aka @Butthatsmyopinion) believes that he has cracked the code behind Costco's pricing system when it comes to the different cents charged on an item, i.e. $1.97 vs $1.99 vs $2.00.

Essentially, if an item ends in '.99,' it is a regularly priced item meaning it should theoretically be priced the same the next time you visit the store.

If an item ends in '.97' it's a store manager deal and it will typically not last long. These items may only be on sale at the particular location you are visiting.

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Items with prices ending in '.49' -or- '.79' indicate a manufacturer special offer, usually cheaper than the retail price, with the product perhaps on a trial run to see if it sells or not.

Costco items ending in '.00' are items that are low in stock and are likely being phased out of being in-stock.

The final piece of the Costco code are the items with an asterisk in the price ($1.79*). These items have been discontinued and are typically the ones associated with the biggest savings.

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