I hate to wrap gifts. Or I should say I hate to even try to wrap gifts. It’s not something I’m good at, the measuring, the cutting, the making it look it a human being wrapped it. The pressure I feel when I try to wrap presents breaks me out in a sweat, and normally ends with the gift looking like Edward Scissorhands wrapped it and me using language that Sailors would salute.   

If you have the same wrapping abilities as I do, here’s an opportunity to not have to wrap your gifts yourself and help Wildlife in Minnesota.  Central Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation is seeking volunteers to wrap presents during the holidays for donations. The monies earned will go to C.M.W.R. to help with veterinary fees, medicines and food for injured and orphaned wildlife in Minnesota.  

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Volunteers are needed starting November 24th at Crossroads Shopping Center in St. Cloud next to Hollister near the Food Court. The group will have Volunteers available each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until December 17th, and then each day the last week leading up to Christmas including Christmas Eve.  

If you’re interested in Volunteering, C.M.W.R. is hoping to have you spend three to four hours per shift.  

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The Central Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation began in 2008 when a few Wildlife lovers realized the need for an organization that helps care for injured animals or those who were orphaned. 

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The group has a goal of being able to build a facility to care for these animals as well as to be able to hold classes to educate the public. C.M.W.R. is always looking for ways to raise funds for that side of things. 

But the more pressing matter right now is of course, being able to care for the needs as they arise.  

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So, if you’re like me, and gift wrapping is not your cup of tea, or you don’t have the time to do it yourself, take your gifts to the Crossroads Shopping Center in St. Cloud next to Hollister near the food court. You'll find angels with the ability to wrap like they do on the Hallmark Christmas Movies. 

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