The video surveillance camera captured an incident at a jewelry store kiosk at Mall of America, and you'll never guess what happened.

The footage captured a man dressed up in a witches costume with a large hat, going into the kiosk space with an empty duffle bag, and shows that the duffle bag is full as he was leaving the kiosk.

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It's my understanding that the suspect was dressed in a witch's costume, and stole over $300,000 in jewelry from his place of employment, Piercing Pagoda, I believe now called Banter, at the Mall of America, on Halloween.

The suspect, a 51-year-old man, is accused of stealing over 1,000+ items from the store around 9 pm on Halloween. Since the kiosk had closed 'indefinitely' the day before, I wonder if the worker saw that as an opportunity that the store owners wouldn't notice the stolen goods.


The man's care was identified and traced to him also through surveillance camera footage, and some of the items had been pawned at a local pawn shop.

According to the search warrant affidavit, the burglary wasn't reported until three days after the occurrence. The person who reported on the incident said she had not worked there before and wasn't sure what was taken, but she noted how almost all of the cases were empty.

Police were told that the suspect's car had returned to the mall about a month and a half later, and was parked illegally in a handicapped space.

The person being accused of the crime says the car was not his, and it was purchased through an auction by someone that he didn't have contact information for. He also claimed that he was not involved in the burglary, but he WAS aware of the burglary. Charges are pending as of the writing of this story.

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