AccuWeather's 2024 United States summer forecast says the upcoming sunny season may be a scorcher for those of us in Minnesota. Although the region is not expected to reach 90 degrees as often as it did in 2023, it is still predicted to happen more times in 2024 than it has averaged doing so in the past.

Average temperatures from June to August 2024 are expected to be three to four degrees hotter than normal this summer in central Minnesota. Southern Minnesota will experience a two to three degree increase and the arrowhead will see average temperatures four degrees (or more) above normal.

"Summer 2024 can feature heat waves for many areas across the Plains to Northeast," Paul Pastelok said on the AccuWeather website. "Compared to historical averages, the hottest areas can be over the Great Lakes, Upper Midwest and southwestern Plains." Showers and thunderstorms in these areas may bring periodic breaks in the heat in June and July, but drier weather could result in some of the hottest weather for the region in August.

Minneapolis saw 33 days with high temperatures in the 90's in 2023. That number is predicted to come down to 25-30 days in 2024, but that is still a big departure from the historical average of 15 days above 90 in a year.

Most of Minnesota will see severe weather peak in July/August with the exception of the extreme southwestern Minnesota corner, which sees the range expand to June to August.

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