Most kids have an Android or iPhone these days. Simply turning on their 'find my phone' app could save their life, and many parents don't even realize this phone feature.

WCCO reported that on Sunday, 2 boys (12 and 14 years old) were found near the town of Randall, Minnesota, along a river bank. One was unconscious and face down in the river, the other nearly unconscious. One of the boys didn't arrive home when expected, and the father used the "Find My iPhone" app to locate where his son could be.

When the father drove to the location the app said they were, he found them in the river and was able to pull them to safety, just in time.

With so much negative about kids having cell phones, this is a reminder of what the good side of having a cell phone can be. In this case it was life-saving.

There's literally an app for everything, and these are a must to have on your kid's phone. The link below will help you understand how to activate the native app in the iPhone, as well as the best locator apps for Android.

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