Just when you think the TSA has figured out how to makes the security lines move faster, they go ahead and put a new measure in place to slow the lines down.

Starting in the next coming months, you'll need to take your iPads, tablets, and hand-held games in a separate bin for screening. Any electronic device that is larger than a cell phone will have this requirement according to their latest news release. They've tried it recently with just 10 airports in the U.S. so far.

The reason is because terrorist attacks are becoming more high tech, and electronic devices, such as iPads, are being used to attempt an attack on the United States. The TSA agents are trained to spot the x-rays of these types of devices and notice what doesn't look like they should. By having these devices in their own bin, allows them to screen each of them easier.

With that, the wait times to get through the security checkpoint will be naturally longer. The TSA still stands with their "get to the airport 2-hours prior to your flight" suggestion, even with these new security regulations starting soon.

There's been a couple flights I've taken this year, and even in a busy airport like LAX (Los Angeles) we had a quick moving, short security checkpoint line. It made us wonder why we got there 2-hours early, but glad we were through and ready for the flight. Everybody seems to have an electronic device in their carry-on bag, so I can only assume this is going to almost double the time to get through the line.

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