As the kids get ready to return to school after Labor Day, the teachers are already hard at work gathering supplies for the classrooms the kids go to. A brightly decorated classroom is what we picture in the halls of the school, but most of the time, those decorations are paid for out of pocket by the teachers themselves. Not to mention the extra supplies teachers need to have to keep their classrooms and lesson plans running smoothly.

You may have noticed a teacher friend post a link on social media to their classroom Amazon wish list, asking for people to help out where they can with various things they need to educate the kids.

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According to a study done in 2019, the average teacher in America spent $459 on school supplies over the course of a school year. In Minnesota, the spending average was $373 over the school year. Add three years and a global pandemic to the mix and teachers are spending more than ever to keep their classrooms stocked.

If you are in a position to help out there has been a super convenient database created sharing links to Minnesota teachers' Amazon wish list to help them with supply purchasing. The list shares the teacher's name, school, and link to Amazon. The database consists of teacher lists from across the country, but on a more local level, there are over 380 teachers who have shared their classroom needs.

If you feel inclined to help out a teacher at the school your child goes to, or one they have loved in the past, or just a random teacher, any and all help is appreciated. It takes a village to raise kids to be incredible adults. Here is a link to the database with the teacher's wish lists. 

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