It's that magical time of year in Minnesota when we are all trying to rush to get our long put-off summer projects done before the inevitable doom and gloom of winter. With that being said, I went to Menards on Sunday with the intent to build a dog house... and a fence... and maybe renovate a closet and left there thinking about... Christmas?!

I walked into the entrance for Menards and was greeted by a giant Halloween display. It's still mid-September but fair enough, it is the next holiday coming up after all. Past the giant Minions inflatables I went, through the skull lights section and toward the lumber.

However, I was stopped in my tracks when I hit the middle of the store and saw their full-on Christmas display up and ready for revenue. Giant trees, robotic Santas, inflatables, wreaths... it was all there out in the open, taunting me.

Can we have a September before we fast forward to winter? Maybe a little Halloween, perhaps some Thanksgiving? I don't want to even think about Christmas just yet, let alone make purchases in preparation for said holiday.

Let's all slow down and enjoy the season right before our eyes: Vikings letdown season. We haven't even had enough time yet this fall to be let down by our favorite football team! Everyone knows those moments happen WELL before Christmas, sometimes many times before we hit late December.

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