It's Halloween, and I don't have kids.  But I do have a dog.  And this poor dog is being put through the ringer.  We can't go trick or treating... per se, but we can dress up the dog and take pictures and say that he's super cute, right?

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaaw

We saw a picture of a dog costume on Amazon and thought "how cute is that?" We ordered the thing since the picture of the dog in the costume on Amazon looked like the same dog as what we have.  Should work fine, right?  Measure the dog and voila... costume comes in the mail within a few days.  No problem, right?  Wrong.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw
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My poor pup looks ridiculous.  And he looks like he knows he looks ridiculous.  Either that, or he really doesn't want his picture taken because he looks so silly.  And he also looks like he knows I'm going to post it all over social media and he will become the laughing stock of said social media.  It's not that bad, pupper.  People understand that your dog mommy didn't know it wasn't going to fit you. Although I do think it might make a good coat to go for walks in. It will keep his legs warm. Ha!

Don't worry... I think this thing will be going on a shelf.  Luckily it didn't cost very much. So the ridicule will go away...that is until next year when we find another costume to torture this poor pup with.  Just wait until next year.... I'm sure we will be able to find something else.  But next time it better fit a bit better.  Still cute though, right?

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