Some Major League Baseball teams are looking at extending beer sales past the 7-inning, including the Twins, and others are now looking at allowing CBD-infused drinks to be sold inside their 'friendly' confines. Is this America's new pastime or is this just something that will pass?

I ask because extending beer sales into the 8th inning really isn't much of a change as the games are moving faster now it results in maybe an extra 10-15 minutes for someone to get up and grab a beer. What's interesting to me, is that the Chicago Cubs are going to allow CBD-infused drinks for sale at Wrigley.

According to "In an MLB first, the team has acquired a sponsor that makes Cannabidiol (CBD) products, MYND Drinks. The beverage company will sell its “100% plant-based-hemp-infused drinks” at Wrigley Field."

So will Target Field be next? Minnesota's new laws surrounding CBD allow for the sale of CBD-infused drinks, but will the Twins look to bring them aboard this season? That remains to be seen.

When I think of going to a Twins game I think of family-friendly fun, for the most part. I know there always seems to be that one guy or group that goes too far, but thankfully the Twins have family seating areas that don't offer alcohol sales.

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What would an added wrinkle of CBD-infused drinks bring to the equation?

While it remains to be seen on whether the Twins or any other MLB team will bring CBD drinks to the 'ol ballgame, the Cubs allowing it now opens the door for other clubs to do the same.

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