Dear Hwy 10 Stoplight in Royalton,

Here's the deal. I've had a serious case of "lake brain" all week. You know when you see the forecast for the upcoming weekend and it's perfect weather and all you can focus on is getting to your favorite lake? That has been me since Monday morning at 5 am.

It has bee a perfect weather week in Minnesota and it is such a rare occurrence. All I want to do is get to the Swanville area so I can enjoy it.

But I need your help.

I know I'm not the only one with lake brain, and I know there will be a lot of people traveling Hwy 10 come Friday to get to their favorite lake. There will be trucks hauling boats and ATV's, RV's and campers, motorcyclists, and people traveling by car like myself. It's going to get congested, and I'm already anticipating hitting the breaks by Halfway Crossing. But if you could do me, and everyone else on the road, a solid we would really appreciate it.

Just keep 'er moving. Nothing is worse than slowly creeping towards Royalton at turtle pace just to finally reach the light and have it go red. Waiting through that light cycle feels like an eternity.

Stoplight, I understand you are just doing your job, and writing this letter is making me sound like a total Karen. But I have driven through you every weekend this summer and just this once I'd like to see you in passing, not at a standstill.

Do this for me and I promise to make this the summer I finally stop at Treasure City to get my picture with the pirate.

See you this weekend.


P.S. Here is what you're doing it for. Look at that view. 😍

Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke
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