Sometimes "adulting" can be hard. Working a full-time job, plus a part-time job, mom of two little kids, and a wife of a husband who works 9-12 hour days, there are days I could  really use a good friend. Just a conversation sometimes via phone.  I know for me personally, I can get wrapped up in what everyone else needs, that at the end of the day not only am I  physically, but also emotionally exhausted. And I just don't take time to be a good friend.

I know for me the best way to recharge my battery is time with tribe. The ladies I can laugh with, be silly with, share stories, cry together, and just get me. They support me, cheer me on through my highs and lows, and love me without judgment and vice versa. When I leave the get together, I always say "I should do that more often".

Getting older has made that more difficult with our careers, husbands, and children. When I read this blog about "on my way friend" it hit home. I always try to be a good friend and go out of my way for my friends even if it calls for me to take a break out of my busy schedule. Just a great reminder to be good friend and be an "on my way friend".

Source: Fox News

Hopefully, this offered you some inspiration today. Be the friend that you know you need at times and just know we can all start a new movement here.

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