ST. CLOUD -- A new art gallery is hoping to bring more life and vibrancy into downtown St. Cloud.

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St. Cloud area artist Heidi Jeub is in the process of opening The Whit Gallery inside the historic AG Whitney building.

She says the gallery will feature mid-to-late career artists from around central Minnesota.

I know what they've been through and the barriers they've had to overcome. I am more than happy to invite them to exhibit there work, tell their story and support more work.

Jeub says she has just over a year's worth of artists already booked to showcase their work in the gallery.

She says while the exhibits, pottery and paintings will all be for sale, she doesn't want people to feel obligated to buy something, but rather walk in and view the gallery at their leisure.

It's about getting to know people and the work they create. That's the kids of relationships I want to happen here because those are authentic.

Right now, Jeub says she is planning to have The Whit Gallery open just on the weekends.

The Whit Gallery's first event, Pots and Plants, is schedule for Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


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