The recent re-release of Avatar seems to be working about as well as anyone could have expected. It’s managed to pull in another $30 million globally.  The initial release of the film already broke tons of box office records, but there was really no indication of whether or not a re-release would be worth it. The re-release made about $10 million domestically, and another $20 million around the world.

James Cameron’s Avatar mostly blew up thanks to the fact that once people saw it, they just had to tell their friends what they had seen. It was essentially a special-effects showcase with a romance underneath that is wholly James Cameron. Despite the 3D screenings and the gorgeous CGI, regard for the film kind of fizzled out quickly. People liked it, but it kind of became regarded more as a novelty than anything else. It holds a solid 82 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.


The original run of the film was unseated back in 2019 by Avengers: Endgame, but after a release in China ran its course, Avatar assumed its peak once again. The film now currently holds the title for the highest-grossing movie ever released... and with an extra $30 million, it doesn’t seem like it's losing that spot anytime soon.

The rerelease of Avatar comes not too soon before Avatar: The Way Of Water. The Way Of Water is set for release on December 16 of this year. The performance of the re-release must have Cameron and the crew excited because it indicates that people are still very interested. It's going to need a pretty big box office return because, at $250 million dollars, it's one of the most expensive movies of all time. Cameron plans to follow The Way of Water with three additional sequels.

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