We hope you enjoyed the 'Awesome 80s Party Weekend' for the 4th of July holiday on 96.7 The River. In past 'All 80s' weekends, I put together lists of the Top 10 female and male solo artists of the 1980s. Since it's America's birthday this weekend, here are my Top 10 American bands/duos of the 80s. I thought about chart success, albums sold, influence, and how much of their music is still played today.

Top 10 American 80s Bands/Duos



The Chart Numbers: Top 10's (5) / Top 5's (5) / #1 Songs (2)

You’re wondering why the Bangles are on this list and not the Go-Gos, it’s really simple -- they released more albums, sold more albums, and had way more hits.


Van Halen

The Chart Numbers: Top 10's (3) / Top 5's (3) / #1 Songs (1)

Most bands crumble when they change their lead singers, but not Van Halen. They continued to have success in the 80s when Roth left and Hagar came in. You could say that Eddie Van Halen was the first big guitar player that everyone wanted to emulate.


The Cars

The Chart Numbers: Top 10's (4) / Top 5's (3) / #1 Songs (0)

Like a few successful 70s artists, The Cars adjusted their sound in the 80s. Their videos from that decade are known for being very 80s looking.



The Chart Numbers: Top 10's (7) / Top 5's (4) / #1 Songs (2)

It seems like they regret it now, but Heart was another band that made significant changes to their sound in the 80s to stay relevant. It can be argued that Ann Wilson is the best female rock singer ever, and Nancy Wilson can play guitar better than most men.



The Chart Numbers: Top 10's (5) / Top 5's (2) / #1 Songs (0)

Steve Perry had one of the most distinctive and recognizable voices of the 80s. Looking back. you would think Journey would have had bigger hits. What they lacked in 'singles' success, they made up for in album sales success and longevity. Good singing and songwriting will do that. What is surprising, is that they never had a #1 hit song.



The Chart Numbers: Top 10's (3) / Top 5's (3) / #1 Songs (0)

With millions and millions of albums sold, Aerosmith was successful over three decades. Not many artists can say that. Plus, they changed music history when the got together with Run DMC and made a previously successful song of theirs, even bigger.


Huey Lewis & The News

The Chart Numbers: Top 10's (12) / Top 5's (5) / #1 Songs(3)

It is surprising to think about how many actual hits songs these guys had. Over the span of four years (83-87) it was hit, after hit, after hit. Personally, I think Huey Lewis and The News were a very underrated 80s band.


Hall & Oates

The Chart Numbers: Top 10's (12) / Top 5's (9) / #1 Songs (5)

Combine one of the most soulful voices in music, along with great songwriting, and you get one of the most successful duos in music history. When it comes to hits, Daryl Hall & John Oates had them in spades.


Guns n' Roses

The Chart Numbers: Top 10's (4) / Top 5's (3) / #1 Songs (1)

Even though they came on late, Guns n' Roses had a massive impact on the 80s. Their "Appetite For Destruction' has sold over 30 million copies. They pretty much kicked hair-bands to the curb. Some words you could use to describe them: rough, dirty, and a bad influence on, well, everything.


Bon Jovi

The Chart Numbers: Top 10's (8) / Top 5's (5) / #1's Songs (4)

You cannot deny the success of this band. Chart success, album sales success, touring success, longevity success -- Bon Jovi was a giant in the 80s. They were known for their cool, live videos and with 'Bad Medicine', they gave the audience camera's to film it. I believe that was a first.

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