Like many major retailers Minneapolis based Best Buy has confirmed that they will remain closed on Thanksgiving, but did reveal some Black Friday Deals. Their physical stores will open at 5am . I think it will be really interesting to see how many people they will allow in the store at a time due to COVID-19. We have all see the mad dash when they have opened the doors at some stores, and people have gotten trampled. Best Buy won't be alone in monitoring this, but hopefully, everyone will keep their cool.

A store like Best Buy is a popular place to shop for the holidays since electronics are very often requested as a gift. All customers must wear masks when inside the store. Again it will be interesting to see what kind of crowds they will be dealing with, as some people have waited overnight in front of the store in tents or chairs in line.

Best Buy did say they are offering several sales periods throughout the month with hundreds of deals on their website and in the store. But they did say a majority of the specials will be during the week of November 22.

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I personally have never been someone to set foot in any stores on Black Friday I am not a huge fan of crowds and especially if people are competing to grab a certain item. Maybe with COVID-19 many retailers will realize that some people may feel uncomfortable coming in the stores or because they are limited as to how many can be inside at a time they will offer more deals online then before. Either way wherever you head out for holiday shopping this year, be patient and be kind it has been a rough year for all of us.

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