Forget the Oscars, and consider taking a break from the MTV Movie & TV Awards. This year, why not allow PopCrush to guide you through the best movies of 2019?

Though Avengers: Endgame was on the lips of every movie buff across the first half of the year, the Marvel mega-hit was only a drop in an ocean of noteworthy film. Between hilarious streaming flicks like Netflix’s Wine Country, rollicking horrors like Us and fun-for-the-whole-family flicks like Detective Pikachu — the perfect bit of silver-screen action for any Pokemon fan — Hollywood has cycled through moods like emotional flow charts with its 2019 releases.

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Below, PopCrush has collected our favorite movies of 2019 — check 'em all out and tell us what has had you waiting in long lines at the nearest movie theater below.

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Best Movies of 2019 (So Far!)