There's a ton of 'big game' parties across Minnesota on Sunday, and each of them are likely to have a spread of food. Need recipe ideas for your spread? You've come to the right place! Maybe you'd like to break away from the traditional hot dishes that we're known for, and would like to try something new this year. Here's what each state in the U.S. searches for the most when it comes to side dishes for their parties.

General Mills put a cool infographic together that shows the most searched for side dishes for the big game on Sunday. The results come from a couple of their websites --,, and

Courtesy: General Mills
Courtesy: General Mills

You'll see that Minnesota is pretty obvious -- Tater Tot Hot Dish! You can't go wrong with this, but maybe we should look at what Tennessee or South Carolina is likely to have at their parties, which is Cowboy Caviar (love that stuff!) and Jalapeno Popper Dip.

Indiana's is probably the most interesting that I saw in this entire list. They like to make something called "Root Beer Chicken". It's basically BBQ chicken wings with kicked up BBQ sauce that you make, which includes a cup of root beer.

Hopefully you can get some ideas from their list of ideas!


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