In a tough decision, the mayor of St. Paul has announced that there will be no fireworks in St. Paul this 4th of July.

In a post to Facebook, Mayor Melvin Carter has announced that -- due to budget concerns -- he cannot "good conscience support spending tax dollars on a fireworks display" this year.

While he recognizes that fireworks on the 4th of July "have long been an Independence Day tradition" in St. Paul, he also takes seriously "budgetary priorities" during his first year of administration and feels that tax dollars spent on fireworks would not be in the best interest of St. Paul and its people.

Instead, he encourages people to participate in the many other 4th of July events going on around the city and compiled in a list by the official convention and visitors bureau Visit Saint Paul.

Most of the 57 comments at time of this writing were in support of Mayor Carter's decision.

"I completely support your decision, Mayor Carter!"

"Tough decision, but the right one"

"Thank you, Mayor Carter for this unpopular, but wise decision. No fireworks is a small sacrifice when we look at the big picture, and putting people first in budgetary considerations is a moral responsibility."

Most of those in opposition to the decision are simply concerned about to what projects -- or to whom -- finances are going otherwise.

You can find the list of pre- and 4th of July activities and events in St. Paul here.