Game Of Thrones is super popular.. .and I will be the first to admit that I am generally on the band wagon with these shows.  I like fantasy, and sci-fy- believe it or not, but this one.  I just haven't gotten into it.


Next month begins the 8th and final season of GOT.  And I feel like I am the only person not in tune with this show.  First of all- I don't have HBO, so that kind of lets me out automatically.  But I can no longer say that I haven't even seen one episode.  I have seen one.  Just one.  And that is only because it was included on a FREE weekend preview.  And they were showing GOT so I watched the first episode.  Gotta be honest...I'm still not getting the obsession.

BUT- if you are really obsessed.  And I do realize that most people actually are, then this quiz is for you!  How many characters can you name in 6 minutes?  6 minutes seems like a long time.  There are over 250 characters.  So you'd think this would be easy.  Apparently not.  Good luck.

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