Behind Enemy Lines 

I’ve been living in Minnesota for over a week now. We just moved here from North Carolina. We’ve been sleeping on air mattresses and using camping chairs for furniture until our stuff gets here. My wife Kim and I, packed just enough clothes to hold us over until the moving van with the rest of our clothes and other belongings gets here, which is supposed to be this afternoon. Meaning all my Carolina Panthers gear won’t make it in time for me to wear them to work. So I've provided pictures below as evidence. If you’re not familiar with the schedule for the Carolina Panthers, they host the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday in Charlotte.  Both teams are winless thus far on the season, and both have looked quite ugly at times. And even though I’ve only been here for a short period of time, it’s pretty darn clear that the Vikings are quite popular here. 

attachment-Me and Kim with Sir Purr


attachment-Me in Panthers Jersey 2

Comparing the Teams -- Off the Field 

I’ve been to Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte several times but have yet to make a trip to Minneapolis to U.S. Bank stadium so I can’t do an even comparison of where the teams play, but I’ll give a nod to U.S. Bank Stadium, just because it’s a dome and I’ve been pretty cold, and very hot at Panthers games in the past.  

I’ll say it’s a tie between the teams for having stadium names that are (a) affiliated with Banks, you know where the money is kept, and (b) names that are easy to say and understand (have you looked at some of the stadium names around the NFL?)  

Both teams have cool slogans, the Vikings of course is SKOL! The Panthers slogan comes from former standout player Sam Mills who was on the Coaching staff after his playing days when he was diagnosed with Cancer. During a speech to the team before a game, he wrapped up with “Keep Pounding.” That has become a mantra for Panthers fans for more than just football, as seen in these pictures from Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, where my wife has been treated for her leukemia.  

attachment-Keep Pounding #1
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attachment-Keep Pounding #2

When it comes to the color scheme, my nod goes to the Vikings for a couple of reasons. #1- I really like the teal in the Panthers color scheme, but with the uniform combinations they have, they’re hit or miss. And #2, I spent 7 years covering James Madison University in Harrisonburg Virginia, the last 6 years as their Radio Play-By-Play voice (which included 3 trips to FCS National Championship, wining it in 2016 which was preceded by a win in the Fargo Dome against then reigning champ North Dakota State -- see the Post Game Broadcast Booth shot below) and the primary color for The Dukes is Purple, and I still have A LOT of purple to wear around here.  

attachment-Inside the Fargo Dome Post Game 2

Obviously, The Vikings have a deeper history, and have been to more Super Bowls, but neither team has won the big game. So, a tie there as well. (And yes, I understand this is a sore spot for long-suffering Vikings fans...)

When I stop to think about it, the only real thing the Panthers have going for them so far is they picked up former Viking Adam Thielen when he was released. I’ve been a fan of his since he came out of college.  

So using the reasoning I’ve listed above, it looks as if the Vikings have the edge on Sunday -- provided their plan isn’t intercepted. (Sorry Vikings fans, I couldn’t resist.)  

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